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    Adding NEW LIFE to old recipes one drop at a time!!!

    Last updated 4 years ago

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    • We love this sauce, adds flavor and spice to everything, without any excess heat. We were unable to find it in any local stores, and now that we found you folks we are very happy.

      Roy- Northern California


    Last updated 4 years ago

    The SOS Oyster Shells are the newest and most innovative way to cook not only oysters, but many of your other favorites as well. Here is a recent Q&A on why you may want to rethink the old way of chargrilling your oysters.

    Question: Where do you obtain natural oysters, in the shell, in small quantities?

    Answer: It is very hard to find a fresh market that will sell less then ½ sack of fresh oysters. With SOS Stainless Steel Shells you simply remove them from your cabinet.

    Question: What equipment is needed to safely open natural oyster shells?

    Answer: You will need a glove, oyster knife and lead to safely open natural oysters. With the SOS Stainless Steel Shells, all you will need is the food and a grill or oven and a pair of long handle tongs.

    Question: When I get the ½ sack of natural oysters from the fresh seafood market, what do I have to do to safely and
    sanitarily handle the oysters prior to opening?

    Answer: First you must clean the mud and debris off of the outside of the natural oyster shells before you begin to open them. After you open the natural shells you will find that there is some mud or pieces of shell inside the oyster. This mud, debris and/or shell particles must be washed from the oyster before you begin the cooking process. With the SOS Stainless Steel Shells you simply wash the shells in warm, soapy water and rinse prior to cooking. The pre-open oysters purchased from a market or grocery has already been washed.

    Question: How much time is spent with the natural oysters and shells just to get them ready to put the food-loaded natural shells on the grill?

    Answer: A considerable amount of time is spent with the natural shells just getting them ready to begin cooking. With the SOS Stainless Steel Shells your food selection can either be prepared before you start to grill or you can load the food the day or night before and place them on the grill whenever you are ready to begin cooking.

    Question: Does the food cook evenly in the natural oyster shells?

    Answer: The food selection in the natural shell does not cook evenly because the natural shell has a hinged end (thick side) and a lip end (thinner side) therefore the food cooks un-evenly. With the SOS Stainless Steel Shells the food cooks evenly because of the consistent thickness of the stainless steel and the even transmission of the heat.

    Question: Is it difficult to find a natural shell that will sit flat on the grill and be deep enough to hold the sauce?

    Answer: It is very difficult to find those qualities in a natural oyster shell. Approximately 75% of the natural shells are not acceptable for cooking due to the un-even bottom or the flat interior of the natural shell. With the SOS Stainless Steel Shells they are designed to be flat on the bottom, which means they will always sit flat on the grill or in the oven. In addition, the SOS
    Stainless Steel Shell is ½” deep to hold the sauce for dipping.

    Question: Is it difficult to cook other foods (shrimp, chicken, veggies, etc.) in the natural shells?

    Answer: Just about anything can be cooked in the SOS Stainless Steel Shell. The length of cooking time will depend on your food selection and/or your desired degree of doneness.

    Question: How long does it take to cook the food item on the grill in the natural shell?

    Answer: I find that it takes about 10 minutes to cook oysters once you place the loaded SOS Stainless Steel Shells on a hot grill or in a preheated oven (about half or one quarter of the cooking time needed with the natural shell). Additionally, on occasion the moisture contained within the natural shell will cause the shell to “pop” causing pieces of shell to get in the oyster or, worse case scenario, causing the oyster to fly out of the shell and on to the hot grill. When this happens with the natural shell, throw it away and start over.


    You can find your SOS Oyster Shells at Totally Nawlins by clicking HERE.

    Our products our excellent but our service is better!

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    • We visited NOLA and on the way out, we stopped by Oak Valley Plantation. they offered cold refreshment with "mint syrup" - it was delicious. to my delighted surprise I found this sight offering Oak Alley Mint Syrup and immediately ordered 5 bottles. It arrived in 2 days. Totally Nawlins is an awesome website. Love the products... More

      Mandy- Houston, TX

    Nothing but the best from Luzianne Premium Blend Coffee

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    Simply said.....Great flavor

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    • Was eating a bag of popcorn with some friends and it had a great kick on the back side of it. While eating the popcorn I tasted a sort of sweet flavor, with a spicy kick to it. I asked my friend what they put on the popcorn; they told me Gene's Special Season!!! I was like this is "AWESOME!!!!"

      Ronesha- San Diego, CA

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